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If you are looking to enhance your connection with your body, your intuition, and your inner-strength while simultaneously decreasing anxiety, self-judgement and feelings of being stuck, you have come to the right place. Breathwork, grounded in the essential foundation of our existence—the breath—transcends the analytical mind, and it reveals the truth of our living patterns and our relationship with our bodies. By seeing how we truly live, we have the freedom to allow for something new to flourish. Growth becomes less of a fight but more of a collaboration.

Therapeutic Breathwork has been an immensely powerful catalyst in deepening my physical, emotional and mental well-being, so much so that I decided to start PsyBreath to share this work with others. 

You can check out my current offerings here. I offer group sessions, and one-on-one sessions, online and in person in New Orleans.

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Breathwork Facilitator New Orleans, Dehan Elcin

About Me

My name is Dehan Elcin, and I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I moved to the New Orleans in 2013. Breathwork has been an amazing tool for transformation in my life, so I started PsyBreath to share it with others. I currently lead in person therapeutic breathwork sessions in New Orleans and online.

I am also pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, where I am focused on understanding the neural and psychological effects of therapeutic breathwork. I am certified as a professional level breahtworker from the school Transformations USA.

Therpeutic Breathwork - Frequently Asked Questions

Breathwork in everyday language refers to any exercise that involves conscious control of breathing. 

My sessions can be more thought of as breathing experiences. Depending on the session, we will be using faster than usual breathing, slower than usual breathing, and breath holds to induce specific physiological changes in the body. These physiological changes will in turn induce certain non-ordinary psychological states which allow for release of physical and psychological holding patterns.  

Most of healing work in mental health focuses on the mental realm. A lot of our trauma, however, is stored in the body. Breathwork allows for direct access to the body and gets to the root of most issues.

I offer a range of therapeutic breathwork sessions in New Orleans, and also online.

Flow: These 90-minute group sessions are open to all experience levels. The sessions are focused on stress relief and embracing the pleasure of embodiment. I highly recommend coming to these sessions if you are just starting out in breathwork.

Deep: Designed for experienced practitioners, these intensive 3-hour group sessions offer deep healing and cathartic experiences, taking you to profound emotional depths. 

One-on-One: One-on-one sessions are carefully customized to align with your personal goals and aspirations, ensuring a tailored breathwork experience that meets your unique needs. 

Breathwork can be thought of as intensive physical exercise. Meaning, if it is safe for you to participate in intense physical exercise, it is safe for you to participate in a breathwork session. 

Breathwork is not appropriate for people with cardiovascular disorders, seizure disorders and people who are pregnant. Please consult with your doctor to see whether breathwork is appropriate for you before coming to a session.

Also check out Science page for details on our current scientific understanding of breathwork.

The exact structure of the session will change depending on the type of session, but overall, you can expect the below in all of the sessions:

  1. Introduction: I will introduce the particular breathing pattern we will be using for the day, and the theme we will be focusing on.
  2. Breathing: You will transition into your own breathing experience. I will be guiding the journey and supporting you in your experience.
  3. Integration: You will get a chance ground, share and integrate your experience.

Yes! I offer online one-on-one sessions. Check Current Offerings for more details.

What People Say

Here are what some of the people who have worked with me say.

Molly Richard, breathworker and financial advisor in New Orleans
Molly richard

Dehan is a compassionate listener and skilled breath worker. His scientific knowledge of how breath interacts with the human brain/body, combined with his deep trust in each breather’s personal healing process makes him a dynamic and intuitive facilitator.  

Dehan has held a judgement-free space for me to process fears, navigate uncertainty, and celebrate breakthroughs. Because of my work with Dehan, I have gained healing insights into my family dynamics, deepened my sense of personal resilience, and embraced possibilities that had previously felt out of reach. I cannot recommend breathwork with Dehan enough!

Working with Dehan has been a hugely beneficial experience over the past 2.5 years and I highly recommend his services! I had no knowledge of breathwork prior to working with Dehan and he introduced me to this powerful work with patience, understanding, and comfort. As we continued to work together my confidence both within the practice (and in my daily life) increased significantly, and Dehan’s knowledge and expertise became very clear as he began to alter the practice to suit my individual needs. We began to utilize the breathwork to explore areas of my life in which I wanted to improve including processing/coping with trauma, dealing with substance abuse problems, building inner strength, and increasing self efficacy. I found practicing with Dehan to be even more valuable than traditional talk therapy as it helped to link the emotional, cognitive, and physical to create a more transformative experience and often provided a powerful energetic/emotional release. I am so incredibly grateful that I decided to work with Dehan, and I recommend his practice to anyone that is dedicated to changing their life for the better!
Daniel parker
I’ve had the first breathwork experience of my life with Dehan. We did 10 sessions at regular intervals at first and then I also received sessions every now and then. It was such a great journey into the discovery of my own soul. Dehan leads you with his pure energy and keeps you safe and comfortable. He knows what he is doing and he also stays with you in the moment with his voice or with his touch, holding you on that path. He is amazing. You should try the breath work experiences with him for sure then you are gonna understand exactly what I mean.
Levent ayran

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