Therapeutic Breathwork in New Orleans and Online: Current Offerings

Below are my current offerings. Click on the type of session you are interested in to sign up.

As a first-responder, part of my mission is to bring breathwork to fellow first responders, so I am offering a 25% discount to any first responders. I find Therapeutic Breathwork to be a wonderful tool in reducing stress, releasing trauma and reconnecting with my body. I would love to share it with you!

Color flow of therapeutic breathwork


These intensive 90-minute group sessions are designed for people seeking embodied emotional healing experiences. By using the breath, we will go beyond our habituated patterns of thinking and behavior, allowing for more freedom in the body and in the mind. This workshop is more than a breathing exercise, it a transformative experience of your breath. 

Color flow of therapeutic breathwork

One on One

One-on-one sessions offer a safe and nurturing space for your self-discovery and personal empowerment. These sessions are tailored to your individual goals and aspirations, and you have my undivided attention throughout the experience. We work with different breathing patterns based on what’s going on in you psychologically, physically, and spiritually. 

Therapeutic Breathwork has profoundly transformed my own life, and I am excited to share this incredible journey with you.  

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